Dear Space Scooter user,

Unfortunately summer has come to an end and most likely your Space Scooter drove a lot of miles last summer! A good reason to give your Space Scooter some love before it is getting stored in the garage. The drive mechanism of the Space Scooter loves grease so our advice is to grease the bearings, flywheels/sprockets and the chain so they dont get rusty. Our advice also is to check al the parts like the axles, nuts and bolts if the come loose so you can tighten them up.

We did made a video instruction of ''how to maintain my Space Scooter'' so you can do it all by yourself. Check out the video and make your Space Scooter even functioning longer and better for next summer!

Good luck and we wish you lots of Space Scooter fun!

Kind regards,

Dear visitor,

Here it is! The redesigned Space Scooter website! By adding all the new colors Space Scooters, blog posts, instruction videos and other Space Scooter information we did come to a new design of the website. There will be more added in the future ans some optimization for perfect use of the website. As a progressive outdoor brand we want to be innovative and that means we need to move with the times. For example; we made the website more interactive and clear to find the information you are looking for more easy.

For the people who can not remember.., the picture below is the old version of the website.

Check it out and see if you like it. Read, scroll, click and share!

With kind regards,