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Space Scooter® is available in two models: Junior X360 for ages 4-8 and the X580 for ages 8 and up.



Space Scooter Series are goods that are subject to wear. This means that maintenance and control are essential. Of course we spend a lot of time and care to our user manual. It is important that you read this manual carefully and that you are aware of the information about the Space Scooter. If you should still have any questions or issues that are unclear, we have a support team ready to assist you on weekdays:


By phone: +31 (0)72 850 2601 (Mon-fri from 9:00 to 12:45 & 13:15 to 17:00 uur.)


By email 24h/7 at support@spacescooter.eu.

We'll try to awnser all questions within 48 hours on workingdays.
Please find or FAQ here:

Instruction videos

Find our instruction videos in which we demonstrate the most common repairs of the Space Scooter here.

Trouble with a brand new Space Scooter

Have you just purchased a new Space Scooter and are you having trouble with the first use? Please refer to our video in which we demonstrate the unpacking and assembly of the Space Scooter.

The deck won't come up

Please pull the release lever (with the Space Scooter logo on the front of the steering column) all the way up. It can (nearly) touch the plastic. Do you feel pressure? Then everyting is working just fine! Just pull a bit harder on the deck while holding the release lever all the way up. A new Space Scooter could be a bit stiff because it has spend some time folded up in the package. Simply fold and unfold the deck a few times to make it unfold smoothly.

Trouble with the movement

Does the chain hang loose or is the Space Scooter failing to move forward? This could imply a malfunction in the movement parts. Please fill out our online movement check so that we can fix this for you!

Does the deck come down on itself?

Please make sure that the release lever is all the way down. If this lever is still pulled up, than this causes the deck to come down. If the Space Scooter deck still comes down if the user is standing on the deck, then that could imply a failing airspring. This is covered by our guarantee (1 year after purchase). The airspring could be replaced by you, or if you'd like, we can fix this for your. If the Space Scooter is still covered by the guarantee, then this is free of any charges. Please send us a mail with a copy of the invoice (or any other proof of purchase), the serial number of the Space Scooter and your address. We can then send you the replacement part or we can fix the Space Scooter for you. Choise is yours! 

Check the video in which we demonstrate the reparis

Is the Space Scooter no longer covered by the guarantee? No worries! You can order the airspring right here, so that you can fix the Space Scooter!


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