Most scooters work by planting one foot on the floor and pushing forward, which is slow and tiring. 
But a Space Scooter® is powered by a unique Pump & Go action – so you can ride with both feet on board!

It’s faster and more fun than a normal scooter, and easier and more compact than a bicycle.
Space Scooter® comes in two models: Junior X360 for ages 4 - 8, and X580 for ages 8+.

It’s perfect for daily exercise, to ride to school and work, and for fun days out. So leave your laptops and tablets at home and get outside with a new way to ride.


The Space Scooter® is the coolest scooter available in the market. A real eye catcher for tough boys en girls. Anyone can easily use the Space Scooter and enjoy it!

In the Youtube videos you can see the unique features of the Space Scooter.
By moving the deck up and down it gives you the feeling of walking in space. This is how the Space Scooter got its name.

Why would you get on a bike?
The Space Scooter has a easy folding system so you can always take it with you. This is why the Space Scooter can easily replace your bicycle. More fun with less to bring what else do you like?
Jump on your Space Scooter and go to school, friends or football club.

Space Scooter X580 is available in black, white and pink and the special Leo Messi version. The silver Messi Space Scooter is the most exclusive model we have at the moment.
Besides the scooter you will get a personal attention from Leo in your packing. Join the Space Scooter team today and enjoy even more!

The Space Scooter Junior is available now for the younger kids (+4 years) and comes in blue and pink color with flashy details. Check the product pages for more details.


This is how you maintain your Space Scooter!

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